[PythonCE] Re: Twisted on PPC 2003

James Burkert james.burkert at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 01:26:47 CET 2005


I talked to a python guru where I work, and he gently pointed out that
the "source" is really in python, so a) it doesn't need to be compiled
per se, and b) I could just copy it over and probably get most or all
the functionality I really want.

Now time to see if I can get GTK/Glade...

Thanks for your forbearance and not sending yet another newbie a nasty email! :)


On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 00:00:18 -0700, James Burkert
<james.burkert at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm a little new to Python and to PythonCE in general, but hopefully
> I've got an easy question:
> Does anybody have a distribution of Twisted for PPC 2003?
> I tried looking in the existing list archive, but didn't have much
> luck. Failing an existing distribution, does anyone have a How To on
> wrapping/porting things like Twisted to Win CE?
> I'm looking to send data via TCP/IP to a particular port on my desktop
> with at least some security (ie SSL) , and it seems like Twisted
> should fit the bill.
> I've downloaded the source code for Twisted and gcc arm-elf 3.4.0
> compiler. I don't actually see any C style .o, .c files or make files
> in the Twisted source code, any advice on how to get that working?
> Relevant Details: I'm using Python 2.3.4 on an iPAQ 2215, which looks
> like its working.
> Thanks for the help!
> J

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