[PythonCE] IdleCE new version

Michael Foord mike at pcblokes.com
Fri Jan 28 16:05:59 CET 2005

James Burkert wrote:

>Hi Ed,
>I've got a small request on your new version. It looks great! But, I
>can't seem to navigate into any subfolders from the open/save menus.
>The dialog seems to have the same trouble a lot of other programs have
>on my iPAQ 2215, by default they don't allow too many subfolders to be
>listed. Additionally, the "All Folders" setting doesn't show ALL the
>py files, just the few that are in the same folder as IdleCE.
>Is there any way you could put in some kind of more conventional file
>browser, with a file tree and up-folder button?
>Is anyone else having this problem?

Yes... *but*
It is a problem with the standard windows dialog that Tk uses.

An alternative would be to hack Tk to use an alternative dialog like 
tgetfile.dll by Scott Seligman.

The alternative is to *build* a dialog from standard Tk parts... not 
much fun - but if you're volunteering :-)




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