[PythonCE] R: PithonCE on Asus MyPAL A730

Alessandro Spinetti alessandro_spinetti at fastwebnet.it
Fri Jun 3 20:07:45 CEST 2005

The 2.3 version works fine. Great.

Many thanks


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Inviato: giovedì 2 giugno 2005 05:53
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Oggetto: RE: [PythonCE] PithonCE on Asus MyPAL A730

I see no reason why not. Just download it and install.

All the best,

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   >From: "Alessandro Spinetti"<alessandro_spinetti at fastwebnet.it>
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   >Subject: [PythonCE] PithonCE on Asus MyPAL A730
   >Hi all,
   >  i' d like to known if it is possible to install the PythonCE on a ASUS
   >MyPAL A730 with Windows Mobile 2003 SE. The CPU is an Intel XScale
   >Any suggestion and instruction is wellcome.
   >Many Thanks

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