[PythonCE] win32process for Validus PythonCE 2.3.4 distribution?

Isr Gish isrgish at fastem.com
Tue May 10 05:37:53 CEST 2005

Michael Murdock wrote:
   >It is my understanding that there are two PyCE distributions:
   >1. Validus - Based on Python 2.3.4
   >2. Murkworks - Based on Python2.2
   >I have been using the Validus binary ARM distribution on my
   >Axim WinMobile 2003 and I decided to try Telion's osce module.
   >It tries and fails to import win32process. Is this module only
   >available in the Murkworks distribution?
   >Telion's yahoo address is dead. So I'm hoping someone here
   >has an idea for getting these system functions to work. Also, 

I'm sending along a copy that should work.

   >does anyone know if the following modules work with the Validus 
   >distribution: pywinTypes, win32event, and win32gui.

Well try them out and see. They should work you just may need those that where compiled for the 2.3 release.
You see a .pyd file is a dll file thats compiled to work with python for each new major release (For example 2.2, 2.3, etc.) it needs to be recompiled.

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