[PythonCE] Python & Tkinter installation on Flash?

Bernd P. Ziller bziller at BA-Stuttgart.De
Thu May 19 09:53:00 CEST 2005

Hi all...

I just finished/managed installing python on my ppc.
Instead of the common \Program Files\Python\Lib, I put the files in
\iPaq File Store\Python, which works without problems.

But installing Tkinter in a different location seems not so easy.
>From what it looks like the dlls do search for the tcl files at
../tcl%s/library, so it should be possible to move the dlls, as long as
they are in a subdirectory next to tcl8.4.3.

I already hacked my registry to have the system look for dlls in another
directory (which works for other dlls), but it seems like Python only
searches \Windows for the Tkinter dlls...

Can this be easily changed?


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