[PythonCE] PythonCE Digest, Vol 26, Issue 8

Michael Murdock michaelmurdock at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 02:03:43 CEST 2005

Chandu Patil wrote:
>> I am getting to know pythonce 2.3.4 (#0, July 12 2004, 17:38:34) on a
Dell Axim 30 Pocket PC. Just installed and am able to run Python. Next I
wanted to run setup-registry.
>> First, is there a list somewhere that has the differences between the
Python for say Windows and that for CE?
>> I typed:
>> Import os
>> Os.chdir("\Program Files\Python") // this where the setup-registry file
>> Execfile("setup-registry.py")
 >> After this I get the error _winreg DLL load failed, although it is in
the same directory.

I have Python 2.3.4 running on my Axim X30 from the Built-in Storage. The
is a transcript of the results I get running the commands you mentioned.

Where do you have Python installed?


Python 2.3.4 (#0, Jul 12 2004, 17:38:34) [MSC v.1201 32 bit (Unknown)] on
Pocket PC
>>> import os
>>> os.chdir(r"\built-in storage\python\lib")
>>> execfile("setup-registry.py")
Setting up registry to allow
double clicking of Python files to work
>>> os.listdir(r"\built-in storage\python\lib")
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