[PythonCE] Winhandle problem with tkinter

Andrew Booth a.g.booth at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Oct 20 17:20:55 CEST 2005

Looks like you are right. The string 'No more winhandle map slots' is in the
file tk84.dll. 

Andrew Booth

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<< I think it is coming from deeper, possibly the operating system or the
wince.dll. >>

It does not sound like a WinCE OS message.  WinCE does not have a
restriction on the number of windows other than available memory, nor would
it refer to HWNDs as "winhandle slots."  It sounds like either the PythonCE
Win GUI interface or Tkinter/TCL code.  My guess would be Tkinter/TCL is the
culprit, trying to keep track of what windows it has created but having a
fixed pool to track the handles and not erasing entries on a destroy().

Is there a close() command?  Perhaps code to clean up the winhandles is
there and being skipped by destroy()?

If you cannot find a fix, a possible workaround might hide your dialogs
instead of destroying them.  Then from the application level you can set a
hard limit on the total number of dialogs you'll have created at one time
rather than create/destroy in response to user activity.

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