[PythonCE] Pocket PC-Startup script

Edward Fewell EdwardFewell at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 28 17:46:07 CEST 2005


For PythonCE 2.2+ you should be able to create startup scripts.

Look for the various pieces here:

PythonCE 2.2+ for Pocket PC ARM

win32process.pyd for PythonCE 2.2a ARM
(There are also binaries for PythonCE 2.2+ MIPs at this site)

osce.py (encoded in the text message)

When you import osce you'll have access to a system() method that appears to
function.  Or, if you prefer more direct control, you can import
win32process yourself and call CreateProcess() directly.  Just make sure you
always use fully qualified path names; getcwd doesn't exist under PythonCE
(the problem appears to be that WinCE doesn't really have a current working

I still haven't found a copy of win32process.pyd that works with version
2.3.4.  I'd still love to have that because there doesn't seem to be a
Tkinter port for PythonCE 2.2.  So at the moment, I have both installed.
Perhaps Isr will be able to provide link or copy of the win32process.pyd for

Edward Fewell

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