[PythonCE] Running setup-registry.py

Chandu Patil chandu at trillian.us
Thu Sep 29 22:58:18 CEST 2005

I am getting to know pythonce 2.3.4 (#0, July 12 2004, 17:38:34) on a
Dell Axim 30 Pocket PC. Just installed and am able to run Python. Next I
wanted to run setup-registry.
First, is there a list somewhere that has the differences between the
Python for say Windows and that for CE?
I typed:
Import os
Os.chdir("\Program Files\Python")    // this where the setup-registry
file is
After this I get the error _winreg  DLL load failed, although it is in
the same directory.
I know this is elementary and I have looked through the ce posts to find
an answer, but was not able to. I am using the remote keyboard utility
to exercise the interpreter on the device.
The other curious aspect is if you get os.listdir and print that, it
only includes the pyd files and none others in the directory.
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