[PythonCE] Tkinter PhotoImage, no such file or directory

Patrick Kramer pkramer at meton.net
Sun Apr 30 11:25:53 CEST 2006

<quote who="Luke Dunstan">
> You can tell Python using os.chdir(), but that will not necessarily have any
> effect on Tkinter because the operating system has no concept of a "current
> directory", so it depends on whether the image file is opened in the Python
> code or the C code.
> Luke

So there is no way for python to return the current directory it is in?

say something like:

dir = return_dir()

image_loc = dir + "//BtnGluco.gif"


image_loc = dir + "//assets//img//BtnGluco.gif" #This is how I would like to orgnize it

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