[PythonCE] SQLIte and PySQLite binaries

Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Mon Aug 14 00:13:03 CEST 2006

I have banged my head against the wall trying to compile sqlite3 for windows
mobile 5.0 and just can't get around the compiler errors such as "unexpected
end of file errors" for virtually every code element in the module.   So I
tried to find binaries that would work on my starcom 6700.  No go.  

I've tried using Giovani's binaries built with 
1) sqlite 3.2.2 and 
2) pysqlite 2.0.5 and 
3) python 2.3.4   
but I get the error "ddl load fail, the specified module couuld not be

I have the pysqlite2 directory inside of my DLL directory under Python24 
and within this directory are the files dbapi2.pyd and __init__.py and
_sqlite.pyd )  His sqlite.dll binary I placed  in boh the pysqlite2
directory, the DLL directory and the lib directory underneath python24 - all
in a desperate attempt for this error to go away.)  Here is the site where
his binaries are located and his compiling instructions.

    http://area51.sns.it/users/giovanni/python/ Giovani's binaries 

I even tried the sqlite dll version from the ado.net project which seems to
say that this binary will work on all platforms, with or without dot net.  I
replaced Giovani's sqlite.dll with this dll (appropriately renamed to
sqlite3.dll).  Here is the url reference to this binary

   http://sqlite.phxsoftware.com/ ado.net 

I know jack aboout MS compilers (I'm using the free Visual Studio 2005
Standard beta package) so that explains much of my problems.  Yet I can't
even get sqlite3 to compile for windows using the compiling inastructions on
the sqlite site.  
http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/wiki/wiki?p=HowToCompileWithVsNet How to
compile with ms visual studio dot net 

(I get 1 error saying that it can't find sqlite3.h even though that piece of
code is in the module and identified in the project.)

Does anyone have pysqlite and sqlite binaries that will work on windows
mobile 5?  If not, does anyone feel up to the task of working through
getting the sources to compile for this platform?

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