[PythonCE] wxPython for PythonCE announcement

jeffbarish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 20 04:50:26 CEST 2006

Here are descriptions of some problems I have encountered with the recent
port of wxPython:

1. On startup, I get the error message: Please install a newer version of
comctl32.dll (at least version 4.70 is required by you have 0.00) or this
program will not operate correctly.

2. wx.NullColour does not work.  To be precise,
wx.SetBackgroundColour(wx.NullColour) and wx.SetTextColour(wx.NullColour) do
not restore the default color.

3. Something is wrong with dc.Blit().  I use a logical function of wx.EQUIV
to erase a background that I drew over text.  The background gets erased,
but the text changes to the color of the background and becomes 1 pixel
wider.  If I force a redraw, the text takes on the correct color and width
and subsequent calls to dc.Blit() erase the background properly without
changing the text color or width.

4. StaticBitmaps (type png) have strange sizing behavior.  When I draw a
15-pixel circle on a 16-pixel background, the background extends beyond the
available space and the circle is too big by a factor of 2.  When I draw a
15-pixel circle on a 32-pixel background, the background is the same size
(too big by a factor of 2) and the circle is the correct size.  When the
bitmap is type bmp, nothing appears.

5. There are no borders around controls, but that characteristic may be the
native behavior on winCE.
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