[PythonCE] IDE for Python on Windows Pocket PC?

Matt S. sleepingbull at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 09:05:00 CEST 2006

IdleCE seems to be a very good editor for the PPC.  I found it in a bundle

The bundle includes PythonCE 2.3.4 (not the latest) but it has some very
interesting libraries (namely wx) and applications (IdleCE).  Furthermore
the bundle is basically set up to go on one's storage card (non-volatile
memory) which seems wise to me.  I recently benefited by running my python
app from the storage card because upon using a faster memory card my program
ran noticeably faster.  I'm really happy with the wx port but one must often
test their code on CE and not just on XP b/c debugging on CE can be tricky
and when the gears get gummed up it is slow!  Redirecting stdin/stdout
really helps this problem.

I second Vincenzo's recommendation for Eclipse and PyDev.  I'm also using
Subclipse with the two for Subversion control and it's very robust.  I have
encountered some issues when copying checked out code, editing it, and then
overwriting the original checked out code.  But I think I've resolved this
by updating Eclipse and the plugins.

Good luck,

On 8/22/06, Vincenzo Manzoni <vinz83 at libero.it> wrote:
> > Anyone know if any good IDEs for Python on Pocket PC?
> I develop my script with PyDev (http://pydev.sourceforge.net/), a plugin
> for
> Eclipse 3.2, and then I upload to my device. In order to do simply
> adjustements to my program, i use PocketNotepad; you can download for free
> at http://tillanosoft.com.
> >Does anyone know how to active script mode?
> Write a script and assign it the extension .py. Then, tap on it in
> Resource
> Explorer.
> Bye,
>     Vincenzo
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