[PythonCE] Windows Mobile 5.0 Now Has a Console!

Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Fri Dec 8 13:14:34 CET 2006

It is now possible to load and run Microsoft's console as well as Simbolic's
PocketConsole.  Here are the steps.

1. Get the Pocket Console and install it
http://www.symbolictools.de/public/pocketconsole/index.htm Pocket Console 

2. Get the Pocket CMD file and install it
Pocket Cmd 

3. You can also install Microsoft's cmd program in parallel with the Open
Source one.  There is a pocket cmd console buried within PowerToys 2003.  I
tried to install it but it didn't work properly.  If you can extract the
following three files from the CAB then you can get it working.  All you
need is the cmd.exe and shell.exe files placed anywhere in one directory. 
Then use the console.dll that symbolic installs within the Windows directory
rather than the Microsoft console.dll and you will be able to run
Microsoft's cmd dos utility.
I have a stand alone install for Microsoft's Cmd utility version 4.2 as well
as the older one called 3.0  These work quite well.  I just don't know where
to find them on the web anymore.  If you would like to try the stand alone
installer, I will post them on a free downloading file site.

4. The most important step!  Change the following registry entry.


set this value to 0

What is beautiful about this set of programs is that I can now launch other
apps from a dos console.  I am able to launch the pocket ssh port created by
Rainer (it supports tunneling) and other apps that have command line
arguments and switches. Example.  ssh mysite.com  -l bandung -L

So to the point.  I want to be able to launch python with the command line
prompts/arguments.  Things such as python.exe my_module.py -i  and the like. 
But these features seemed to have been removed from the python ce port.  If
they are put back, then we should be able to  test our modules by running
them within an interactive python session.

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