[PythonCE] Python 2.5 for Windows CE / ARM

David Goncalves pythonce-ml at lestat.st
Wed Dec 13 21:22:41 CET 2006


Thanks for your tips ;)

But unfortunetly there is no chance for me to get PythonCE working on my
device (with or without the additionnal files).

I'm using a WindowsCE 4.2 Core version. The Python.exe is not recognized
as a "Valid CE application".

The only distribution that works is the HPC2000 one but that distrib is
pretty old and not full functional for me :(

I don't know what to do to have PythonCE on my WinCE :(

Any idea ?

> You should either use the CAB install option (ie download the cab file and
> place it on your mobile)  or run the install.exe from you desktop when you
> are linked to your mobile via ActiveSync.
> Make sure that you get the additional files that are missing, ie the Tkinter
> files as well as the MySQLite files and place them within the appropriate
> directory on your mobile.  The instructions are there in the download.  Or
> you can refer to prior message threads on this site.

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