[PythonCE] Python 2.5 for Windows CE / ARM

David Goncalves pythonce-ml at lestat.st
Wed Dec 13 23:41:21 CET 2006

Bandung wrote:
> David, Could you download this version of python in a cab format and try to
> install it and tell us what happens?
> http://downloads.sourceforge.net/pythonce/PythonCE-243-20060430.PPC2003_ARM.CAB?modtime=1146511186&big_mirror=0
> python 2.4.3 

I've tried this version and the problem was the same.

But during this time i had an idea and googled ;) It's seems that the
only external DLL used by the exe is 'Aygshell.dll'. But in WinCE 4.2
core version there is no Aygshell included.

I'm actually using a copy of this Dll needed for other softs on my

I've found an old (40Kb) version of that Dll that makes PyCE work on
my device but after putting that Dll, my system is quite unstable.
(i.e nothing appears on my control panel... and other strange things)

Do you have an idea of what function is used by Python when it is
launched and why my 'dummy' aygshell is not good for him ?

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