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Fri Dec 15 00:28:11 CET 2006

Yes it is Rainer's VIM.  I wish I knew how to compile Windows apps from
source code.  In that case, I would try to get version 7.0 working.  

(1) The good news is that Rainer's Vim 6.0 version works quite well.  I had
to add additional file folders and populate them with the necessary plugins
in order to get all of the menu features working.  To do this, I installed
the desktop version 6.3 of Vim and then copied the entire sub folder
structure over into my pda and voila, everything worked except for one
script, vim.vim.  When I deleted it, everything, and I do mean everything
else within Vim worked.  I added the most up-to-date python syntax script I
could find and that is what I use.

My pda has a hardware keyboard so I use it extensively.  I have programmed
missing keys for the escape key and some other combinations such as ctrl-Q
as an example.  I also wanted a backward slashes, etc.  I can get a lot of
things done on my pda with this hardware keyboard.  Even though I have
Calligrapher installed (which I love by the way) I don't need it when I am
editing code.

I would be willing to zip my Vim directory and upload it somewhere in order
for you to take a look at .  It has the _vimrc file setup for those features
that I use.  You don't have to stick with them.  It will give you an idea of
how useful this program is when you configure it to your liking.

(2) Now that I have managed to get a pocket console programme working, I
don't see the need to use VIM as a pda console anymore.   

(3) The third thing that I wanted to have was the ability to have an "open
With" option within my file explorer so that I could choose either of the
following actions to a) launch the python module by clicking on it or b)
open it within Vim for editing.  I was trying to get this working within Vim
by writing a macro that would permit me to execute the module that I was
editing but so far no luck.  What I discovered instead was a little utility
that attaches itself to the windows file explorer and permits me to do jsut
that.  If I click on the file, it executes.  If I click and hold, I get a
context menu where I choose "open with" and then I use Vim to edit it.  

I wish Total Commander's "view" or "edit" command worked properly. 
Unfortunately it doesn't  appear to use "" around the file name that is
being clicked on so every file that is within a directory whose name has a
space in it, doesn't lauch properly.  For example, all files within my
storage card since they are inthe \Storage Card\"whatever.file" and because
of the space, the program thinks the directory is  "\Storage" rather than
"\Storage Card" .  The same thing is true with Resco's file explorer.  Their
"open with" feture doesn't work on my Windows 5.0 device.  Now it could be
that something I've installed is causing this behaviour since I don't see
anyone else complaining about this.

(4) There are some capabilities within the current python ports that are
missing that would help with debugging.  Examples are the ability to provide
arguments when launching python such as 

   python -i /myfile.py   (the ability to execute a module and upon its
completion, switch to a working interpreter mode).
   python -m pdb /myfile (the ability to execute a command such as the
python debugger "pdb" and then launch a module in the interpreter with the
debugger running)

That's my experience to date.

JBirdAngel wrote:
> is it VimCE that you use from Rainer? 
> is this this and the command console things youve been talking about
> the best development platform for python? i dont know if im saying it
> right or what the difference between an editor and an IDE is unless the
> difference is the ide running the programs/scripts too, or are there
> other options available? 
> thanks - jason 
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