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(1) You unzip the file and copy the Vim directory to your \Storage
Card\Program Files\Vim  directory or into the device's main memory ie
\Program Files\Vim

(2) You will want to create a shortcut to the Vim.exe executable.  Then you
can launch Vim and begin programming.  Notice the context sensitive color
hiliting that is within Vim.  You can get the same feature using Idle by the


You install python and can run it.  I like to put my unit in the landscape
mode and use the hardware keyboard.  If you want to use the Sip keyboard,
you can.  I use Calligrapher's SIP keyboard because it floats and I can move
it to the top, middle or bottom of the screen.  Calligrapher also gives me
an <esc> key and a few other goodies.


(3) You don't need a cmd console to program with.  I wanted it so that I
could launch programs from a command prompt.  Since my pocket SSH tunnelling
programme must be launched via a dos command prompt, that's what I use it
for.  I can also launch other programs from the command prompt such as
pword.exe, python, Vim, you name it.  I can also launch an apps and provide
it with an  input file name as a command argument and the app will start
with that file loaded.  Notice how I've typed python calctaxes.py at the
command prompt.  This will launch python and load the module.  You will also
note that I ran a bat file that I created.  This bat file is called env.bat
and it expands my pocket pc's Path to include where my Python, Vim and other
apps are located.

I already provided the links to these cmd files, either Microsoft's (which
you see in the image) or Symbol's pocket console.

(4) I added a little utility that permits me to do a "right click" if you
will on a file within the file explorer and choose an alternate default
"open".  You can see the additional command called "open with" in the next
image.  This permits me to simultaneously launch a python module, then move
to my file explorer and choose to open it with vim in  order to edit it.


(5)  Putting it all together.  I developed a gui app using tKinter and
python.  I later added Bwidgets and then found another widget called
tkTable.  I would start with these tools in order to build your first gui
app.  I had a lot of trouble trying to get wxPython to work on my pda.  I
would prefer to use this tool since I use it on my desktop but, it won't
load.  Keeps writing an out of memory error.

So there you have it.  You should be able to test these tools using your pda
emulator on your desktop.  One other thing.  It makes sense to get a good
taskbar manager.  I use vbar.  This works like <alt><tab> on your desktop so
you can easily move between apps that are open, or close them.


JBirdAngel wrote:
> Thanks again for the info and for the file. 
> just so i understand, as i said im not too knowledgable about this so
> far, so this will completley install vim, and to do that basically i
> just copy the Vim folder onto my pocket pc, since you have already
> installe dthe desktop version and copied the subfolders to your pda i
> would not have to do this correct? 
> in addition to this would be doing the console like you said, and of
> course installing pythonce, then i would be set up for programming on
> the pocket pc right?&nbsp; 
> the other piece i would want would be GUI stuff, and thats pretty much
> all of it? or atleast all of it i need to know now to get started and
> the rest i would learn as i go? 
> and thank you for mentioning word, as i do not have a pocket pc, but
> being that it was a .php file word didnt see it and coudlnt open it,
> but i changed it to a .txt and it opened just fine, so in my
> understanding i can edit it in word which keeps the formating, and then
> just change it back to a .php for it to work on the web... kool 
> Vim will however keep the python formatting right? apparently text and
> word processing programs do formatting differently i guess. 
> i like my pocket pc, its fun and kool and its kool to be able to
> program in python on it... once/if i learn :) 
> thanks - jason 
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