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Sat Dec 16 04:22:19 CET 2006

Yes you definitely will need the kTinker file.  IF you plan on writing
database driven apps then you will need psyqlite.  Here is my "readme" that
I created to remind me of where to put these files plus the fix for the
indentation problem that python25ce has.


Release Name: Python-2.5-20061012

This is a Windows CE / ARM port of Python 2.5. It has only
been tested on Pocket PC 2003 for ARMV4 architecture.

If you are upgrading from version 2.4.x or earlier then I
recommended that you first make a backup of your Python
installation, uninstall it and then install the new version.

The files are:

PythonCE-2.5-20061012-source.zip: the full source package

PythonCE-2.5-20061012-patch.zip: the source as a patch to
the official Python 2.5 release

PythonCE-2.5-20061012-dev.zip: contains the header files
and import library necessary for building C extension
modules for PythonCE

PythonCE-2.5-20061012-setup.exe: a setup program that
registers PythonCE with Microsoft ActiveSync's
application manager and installs it automatically

PythonCE-25-20061012.PPC2003_ARM.cab: the cabinet file that
is included as part of the setup.exe, for people who wish to
install automatically but without an ActiveSync connection

PythonCE-2.5-20061012-pysqlite.zip: contains sqlite3.dll and _sqlite3.pyd
(these are 

not included in the .cab/.exe)

PythonCE-2.5-20061012-_tkinter.zip: contains _tkinter.pyd (this is not
included in 

the .cab/.exe)

If you get the .exe then you don't need the .cab file.
(1) the cab install is missing files _tinker.pyd 

1. Copy it into the python25\DLL directory

(2) the cab install is missing files sqlite3.dll  and _sqlite3.pyd 

To install this package:

2. Copy sqlite3.dll into the PythonCE base directory, i.e. the directory


3. Copy _sqlite3.pyd into the DLLs subdirectory where all of the other .pyd
files are 


(3) IndentationError: expected an indented block. 

4. There is a little script to fix this problem with python25.exe  I copied

script from nabble and placed it into a file called pythonrc.py. Don't
forget to use 

the pythonrc file.py by placing it into the temp directory.  This resolves

problem with the interpreter not recognizing the indent behaviour needed for

line scriptsthat occurs after a colon: 

For example, consider this simple example:

>>>  for i in xrange(10): 

This will result in an error within the stock python25ce.  To get around
this, create 

a file called pythonrc.py and paste the script provided by Dunston.  I then

this file in my \Temp directory which is where python25ce looks for it. 
This will 

change with the next release of python.  Now indentation works properly
whenever I 

launch a python interpreter.

NOTE: pythonrc.py only runs when you invoke the interpreter.  It does not
launch when 

you run a module.

JBirdAngel wrote:
> its okay to ask questions here even if id ont have
> python installed yet and am not a programmer yet right? just wanna
> maker sure.... 
> i am wondering if i want psyqlite and tkinter zips that are part of the
> total pythonce 2.5 download but not part of the setup/cab.. tkinter is
> soemthign to do with gui i think? 
> thanks - jason 
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