[PythonCE] How tobuild PythonCE 2.5

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Sat Dec 30 14:11:01 CET 2006

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Subject: [PythonCE] How tobuild PythonCE 2.5

> Hi,
> I have download pythonce source, and try to build it
> to generate CAB file, just for familiar with python
> code.
> What I found out is that Scons will not build. It
> shows:
> C:\Source\python-wince\PCbuild\WinCE>scons
> scons: Reading SConscript files ...
> <type 'exceptions.NameError'>: global name 'defpaths'
> is not defined:
> the defpaths was used in msevc to get include, lib,
> and exe path. But I could not find where it gets
> defined (and set).
> The old version (2.4.3) use nmake, and set the path in
> batch file.
> Does the source package for 2.5 missing something? And
> where should I set the defpaths?

It is a bug in msevc.py, but I didn't notice it before so there must be 
something different on your PC. Do you have Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 
4.0 installed? Do you have the Pocket PC 2003 SDK installed? If you really 
need to use a different SDK then changes to the build system and/or source 
code may be necessary. If you have both of these then what directories are 
they installed in?


> Thanks in advance!
> Happy New Year!
> Naiqian Lu

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