[PythonCE] using PythonCE to cluster a set of Axim X5 devices to interact and display images/video as single device...

zeljko blace zblace at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 12:34:54 CET 2006

Dear list members,
here is a post from curious newbie (so pardon my lack of Python overview)

I am brainstorming on how to visualize a software project that deals
with per-frame video editing (obviously very short animations) and
make it excessible to the kids...

I own Axim X5 (thinking of getting few more) and have a friend that is
expert Python programer with whome I might try to test this scenario:
1) Have 4 (up to 8) Axim X5 devices running PocketPC 2003,
2) single PC running whatever (Windows/Linux/MacOSX)
3) connect them through IrDa connection to PC
4) get them to display in full screen locally storred images
5) when any of them is touched - notify PC which would send update to
the devices what would be the next image to display...

So what is needed is:
* (reliable) way to communicate fast (tiny amount of info on images)
in-between individual devices and PC and back
* software that would display in full screen images and videos
(hopefully open source so it can be made to send out signals on
interaction with PC and pick up images without relaying much on system

Anyone done anything similar or has ideas on how to approach this?

Goethe - "What is important in life is life, and not the result of life."

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