[PythonCE] ceFile.py implementing basic file-like interface

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Thu Feb 16 20:00:33 CET 2006

> On Feb 14, 2006, at 14:06, Thomas Heller wrote:
>> I haven't taken a detailed look at the code, but it may be useful
>> ;-). I'm currently hacking a little bit with distutils to integrate
>> win CE support into the ctypes setup script so that it is easier to
>> transfer the code to the pda.
>> IMO modules like these should have an official place in CVS or SVN
>>  somewhere, so that they can be installed and used by others -
>> standalone files that everyone installes in his own private
>> directories isn't that useful.
>> Since they are ctypes-based, the ctypes CVS repository on
>> sourceforge would be a possible place, and a convenient one for me.
>> Of course, other places could be good as well.  What do you think?
>> Thomas

Shane Holloway (IEEE) wrote:
> Yes, I saw your new ctypes version for CE.  Very excited.
> Unfortunately we are stuck in .NET land for a few near-term releases.
> I just can't wait to switch over to using python on this platform.
> Ctypes will certainly help us get there!
> As for common modules, I certainly agree that they need a common
> place to live.  I would expect them to be somewhere like the PythonCE
> project on SourceForge or some other central area.  I don't really
> like the idea of multi-purposing the ctypes repository with CE stuff
> for much the same reasons as I did not care for the comtypes being in
> there.

You may have heard that ctypes will be included in Python 2.5 (yay!).
I think this will lead to a split between 'core ctypes' and ctypes based
modules and packages (even if ctypes will further be maintained in the SF CVS

comtypes is such a package, and it is convenient for me to have it in the
same repository.

For ctypes itself, I want, and have already started, to extend the ctypes
and comtypes setup scripts so that both packages can be build, transferred
to the pda, and possibly even tested with some arguments to the setup script.

What I need for that is a very limited subset of the rapi functionality,
and this should certainly be in the ctypes CVS - even if it is ripped off
some 'official' rapi module.

> The RAPI interfaces are just one of the things I'd like to
> see in this common repository, and I know everyone else has expressed
> similar sentiments. We will really need a good .NET bridge for the
> compact framework eventually.  Hopefully we will be able to build
> that atop ctypes -- but I'm starting to think we are going to need to
> use a combination of OpenNETCF.org 2.0 Framework as well as the .NET
> 2.0 CF to get things to approach what Zope has implemented for the
> desktop.  Anyhow I've started to ramble.  ;)
> I really prefer SVN over CVS.  ;)  But I'm not too picky.  We are
> more than happy to host on TechGame -- our current structure is SVN
> and Trac, and you can see an example at
> http://techgame.net/projects/framework. But if we end up hosting
> under ctypes or pythonce, I'll be just as happy.  A place to start
> working in is the important part.

I'm a beginner with SVN but have used CVS for quite some years now, so
I have no preference currently although I'm convinced SVN is better.

I'm not opposed to hosting at techgame.  Same for ctypes CVS, same for PythonCe,
or whatever.  I'll be happy to bring in my ctypes expertise to a rapi module,
and that's it.


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