[PythonCE] Warning about comctl32.dll

Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 21 17:18:32 CET 2006

Some of my applications are now triggering a warning when they first start 
running that reads:

Please install a newer version of comctl32.dll (at least version 4.70 is 
required but you have 0.00) or the program won't operate correctly.

I don't have comctl32.dll anywhere I looked (such as the Windows folder) -- 
which might be why I have version 0.00.  I have not detected a pattern in 
which programs trigger the warning and which don't.  Also, I may be 
delusional but I think that programs that are generating the warning now did 
not always do so.  Any thoughts?
Jeffrey Barish

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