[PythonCE] IdleCE

Ed Blake kitsune_e at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 23:44:36 CET 2006

I've finally gotten irritated enough to fix some of the problems with the
last version of IdleCE.  I disabled coloring triple quotes because the
solution I came up with was mind-numbingly slow on large docs, and still
didn't work in all cases.  I also fixed problems block operations
(indent/dedent/comment/uncomment region), it just got messed up when I
sepperated the editor from the colorizing text widget.  Lastly I added a hack
which might catch garbage characters from the soft input panel.

Download here: http://kitsu.petesdomain.com/files/WinCE/IdleCE-2.0.zip
Leo file: http://kitsu.petesdomain.com/files/WinCE/IdleCE.leo

Also I got tired of the default windows icon on all my scripts so I hacked
this out of the PythonCE setup script (i.e. I used the setup script as a
starting point, this script only sets up the icon, not file associations). 
To use it you need to edit the path to reflect your PythonCE install

Let me know if anything's busted...

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