[PythonCE] wxpython for wince

Gonzalo Monzón gmc at serveisw3.net
Mon Jul 10 19:33:33 CEST 2006

Hi John,

The work is in progress. Actually I have the current cvs sources from 
wxwidgets succesfully compiled for PPC2003, and several C++ samples from 
the project are working fine on the PocketPC.

Will say more about the status of the port when I could have wxpython 
working, even in alpha status, so anybody interested could start testing 
as soon as possible.

Anyway I advance great improvements over last wxpython for PythonCE. 
wxwidgets folks have done a great work on WinCE support -although an 
official build for eVC4 does not exist-.  The samples I got compiled 
show wonderful things as: almost any image type working -except tiff and 
animated cursors- and even the HTML control runs great!

Don't know much about other not basic controls or functionalities that 
were not working in previous release, as I would like to complete the 
build and start real testing from pythonCE.


John Aherne escribió:

>Thanks for wanting to to a port.
>I have seen on the mail list that Jeffrey Barish  was very keen to get a 
>port done.
>I will be interested in using the port.
>Look forward to seeing something.
>John Aherne
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