[PythonCE] Edit WinCE registry from desktop

Luke Dunstan coder_infidel at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 14 10:34:50 CEST 2006

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Subject: [PythonCE] Edit WinCE registry from desktop

> I've been using the pocketRapi scripts submitted previously by helpful
> TechGame folks, their names escape me right now.  So far it suits my
> needs and seems to work great.  However it doesn't implement all of
> the rapi.dll functions.  I'd like to be able to read/write to the
> registry on the PPC from Python on the desktop.  Does anyone know how
> I can do this?  Are there other modules or scripts available as
> examples that somebody could share?  Any tips would be appreciated.
> Tod

If you want to do it from Python, just use the remote registry APIs in 
rapi.dll (as documented on MSDN) with ctypes. Otherwise, Microsoft eMbedded 
Visual C++ 4.0 includes a Remote Registry Editor.


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