[PythonCE] SQLite database with comtypes

Giovanni Petrucciani gpetruc at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 09:56:31 CEST 2006

Tod Haren wrote:
> Are other users having success with SQLite under PythonCE 2.4.3?  Are
> you using pySQLite, comtypes, ctypes, or some other method?  I'm
> having trouble getting started on the PPC.  On the desktop it seems to
> work fine.
> I've been trying to use comtypes to access a dll put out by the folks
> at newObjects, since I'm not set up to build SQLite from source and
> can't seem to find a binary anywhere.  If I had the WinCE SQLite
> binary I suppose PySQLite would work.  Any tips, links, etc.?
I was able to compile and run pysqlite on pythonce 2.3.4, I suppose it
won't be too hard
to make it work also on python 2.4.3 but now I'm really too busy with my
thesis work

You can find the download and the instructions at
(the link was down due to server problems, but now it should be working)

Within the download you can find the sqlite3 dll compiled for pocketpc arm,
which should be independent from the python version


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