[PythonCE] Warning about comctl32.dll

Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 2 04:27:41 CET 2006

> > Some of my applications are now triggering a warning when they first start
> > running that reads:
> >
> > Please install a newer version of comctl32.dll (at least version 4.70 is
> > required but you have 0.00) or the program won't operate correctly.
> If I search for this message on Google it appears only in wxWidgets source 
> code, so I suggest you ask on their mailing list.
> Luke

I did post a message, as you suggested.  In case anyone is interested, the 
response that I got was:

> It seems in 2_6_BRANCH of wxWidgets source repository this message occur in 
> wxW/src/msw/listctrl.cpp when wxLC_VIRTUAL flag is used.

The version of wx that runs on WinCE is, but the symptoms match.  All 
my test programs that contain a list control in virtual mode produce the 
error message and those with a list control in normal mode do not.  I am 
still searching for a solution to this problem.
Jeffrey Barish

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