[PythonCE] Fwd: IdleCE problem: No module named Tkconstants

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Mon May 1 16:06:34 CEST 2006

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> Yeah, I was going to post about what I did to get IdleCE working when I 
> moved
> to Python 2.4, but I was lazy and didn't want to say anything stupid.
> Basically paths are setup correctly on PythonCE 2.4, but none of the 
> Tkinter
> .py files are included.  Just copy everything from /lib/Tkinter on your pc 
> to
> /lib/Tkinter on your winCE - then edit/replace Tkinter.py using the
> instructions in the readme.
> At least I think that was all that was needed to get it running...  Maybe 
> I
> should fix the bugs and do a new release?  Also somebody should put the
> Tkinter pyc files into the zip for the next release of PythonCE, What good 
> is
> it to include it in the path but not the distro?

At first I thought so too, but actually the Tkinter .pyc files really are in 
the zip file, but sys.path doesn't point to them (it only points to a lib-tk 
directory outside the zip file). The latest release should fix this problem.


> --- Roman Bischoff <roman.bischoff at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> After a hard reset I lost my whole Python installation on the iPaq.
>> Now I'm re-installing it, and migrating to the newer versions.
>> ...
>> I get this error:
>> Traceback (innermost last):
>>   File "\Program Files\Python24\Lib\Editor.py", line 10, in ?
>>     from Tkinter import *
>>   File "\Program Files\Python24\Lib\Tkinter.py", line 42, in ?
>>     from Tkconstants import *
>> exceptions.ImportError: No module named Tkconstants
>> ...
>> Roman
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