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Luke Dunstan coder_infidel at hotmail.com
Wed May 3 06:21:24 CEST 2006

Can you explain more about the missing imports? If the script is designed to be portable to Windows then in most cases it should work on Windows CE.


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  hi, i have a set of python CGI scripts that work on a server by serving an html form, and storing data in a text file on submission (uh, yeah, hence CGI). 

  i'd like to get a setup so that these scripts could be used in the field (no web connection). i tried using a simple python script that acts as a webserver on the handheld GPS unit with windows CE  (then access via http://localhost/), but  some of the  imports that the scriptServer.py (off activestate) used was missing.

  is there a standard FREE webserver out there for windows CE?
  or is there some other simple means i could use to generate a form and have input stored to a text file? 
  i'd prefer to use html, since that's what's already used on the main server...

  any other ideas on storing content of an html form on submission (without web connection)?



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