[PythonCE] webserver on CE

Johnny deBris johnny at debris.demon.nl
Wed May 3 08:20:02 CEST 2006

Brent Pedersen wrote:
> is there a standard FREE webserver out there for windows CE?
> or is there some other simple means i could use to generate a form and
> have input stored to a text file?
> i'd prefer to use html, since that's what's already used on the main
> server...
You could use core Python's BaseHTTPServer, I guess, although it's a
little simple and you'd have to implement relatively much yourself it
shouldn't be too hard to write a small CGI-capable webserver with it.

I guess it won't be usable out-of-the-box, and I guess CGIHTTPServer
won't work either, because there's no 'current directory' on CE, but
writing your own GET and POST handlers should not be very hard.



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