[PythonCE] Reverting to PythonCE 2.3

Gonzalo Monzón gmc at serveisw3.net
Thu May 11 08:29:24 CEST 2006

jeffbarish escribió:

> I wanted to try the new PythonCE 2.4 that Luke published.  It loaded 
> easily
> and worked great -- except that wxPython will not work with it. 
> Accordingly, I need to go back to 2.3.  I kept backups of everything, 
> so I
> thought that I was safe, but of course this is Windows so nothing is 
> easy. PythonCE 2.3 runs when I navigate to it using File Explorer, but 
> the Python
> entry that I see under that start menu does not work (nothing happens) 
> and
> it does not work to tap on a Python program (The file 'X' cannot be
> opened...).  I guess that the Registry needs to be updated.  Does anyone
> agree with that guess?  What tools are available for editing the 
> registry (I
> am using Windows Mobile 5)?  Any idea what changes need to be made to the
> registry?
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Hi Jeffbarish,

Yes, sure you need to update the registry values for the .py/.pyc file 
assotiation to be able to tap again and run python files.  Thought you 
could use the 'old' 2.3 setup-registry, it will update the registry 
keys. I don't know if you have got this in your current 2.3 install, so 
I've attached the files. Place them on the python lib folder (/program 
files/python/lib) and tap on the .lnk file, it will re-associate the 
python.exe from that folder with the .py files. Also probably would need 
to update the start menu link, you will have to make a new one for the 
new python.exe.

Finally, I'd like to ask some questions!! I haven't heard of anybody 
using python on a windows mobile! sure your answers will be interesting 
for all!!

Are you using python on windows mobile 5 with success? ARM cpu? Does 
wxwindows run fine? What kind of use you give to it?

Thank you for your reply !! :-)

Gonzalo Monzón

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