[PythonCE] Reverting to PythonCE 2.3

Ferry Boender pythonce at electricmonk.nl
Thu May 11 10:28:27 CEST 2006

* Gonzalo Monz?n <gmc at serveisw3.net> [2006-05-11 09:31:15]:
> Finally, I'd like to ask some questions!! I haven't heard of anybody 
> using python on a windows mobile! sure your answers will be interesting 
> for all!!

I haven't used Python much on my mobile yet, but I have installed it on
my Windows Mobile 5 ARM 'smartphone' (HTC Wizard) and it seems to work
great..  Previous releases of PythonCE often failed to work completely
or had problems when loading the win32foo libs (Python would crash). The
recently released version is the first (that I tried) that worked for
everything I had the time to try. Haven't tried wxwindows yet.


Ferry Boender <f.boender at electricmonk.nl>

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