[PythonCE] Reverting to PythonCE 2.3

jeffbarish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Thu May 11 16:35:02 CEST 2006

Thank you for the suggestion.  I should have mentioned before that I did try
to run setup-registry (and also Setup Registry).  Both are still present in
the lib folder.  However, neither will run, producing the same message I get
whenever I try to do anything (The file 'setup-registry' cannot be
opened...).  I assumed that they are both .py files, so they would not run
until the registry got fixed -- oh, I now see that setup-registry is a .py
but Setup Registry may be something else.  Actually, when I run Setup
Registry I get the message "The file 'python' cannot be opened".  I could
not find your attachment, but I presume that it is the same file that I have
already.  If winCE had a console, I would try running the command "python
setup-registry", but as fas as I can tell there is no console available for
Windows Mobile 5.  I even thought of running python and using the system
command, but pythonCE does not have that command.  I tried doing an import
setup-registry (after changing the name to setupregistry to make it a legal
Python name).  I get the message "Setting up registry to allow double
clicking of Python files to work".  Sounds promising, but I still can't run
any Python commands by tapping them.

How do I update the start menu link?  I never created it in the first place,
so I am not familiar with that procedure.  I am pretty green when it comes
to winCE (and hoping to keep it that way because most of what I have seen is

In response to your question, yes, I have been using Python on Windows
Mobile 5 (ARM) for many months.  It works fine.  I have also been having a
mostly good experience with wxPython.  The version of wxPython that I found
(the one originally created by Brian Retford) is based on an old wxPython. 
I have had to design around some bugs or quirks, but otherwise the library
works fine.  My main complaint is that they run a little slow, so I would
not try using them on a platform that did not have a fast processor.  Robin
Dunn is working on a new version of wxPython for winCE, but I have no
information on its status.
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