[PythonCE] Reverting to PythonCE 2.3

Gonzalo Monzón gmc at serveisw3.net
Fri May 12 18:11:38 CEST 2006

jeffbarish escribió:

>Thank you for the suggestion.  I should have mentioned before that I did try
>to run setup-registry (and also Setup Registry).  Both are still present in
>the lib folder.  However, neither will run, producing the same message I get
>whenever I try to do anything (The file 'setup-registry' cannot be
>opened...).  I assumed that they are both .py files, so they would not run
>until the registry got fixed -- oh, I now see that setup-registry is a .py
>but Setup Registry may be something else.  Actually, when I run Setup
>Registry I get the message "The file 'python' cannot be opened".  I could
It is strange, that message means that python.exe is not found. Inside 
setup-registry.lnk I can see:
#"\Program Files\Python\Lib\python.exe" "\Program 

A simple shell script! ;-)   As you can see, the .lnk file is a shortcut 
to python.exe, and ...py script to execute, as first argument.

I think you have some path issue. Is python installed on the \Program 
Files\Python\ folder?

>not find your attachment, but I presume that it is the same file that I have
I replied a copy to your email address as a zip file, perhaps was 
rejected by mail filters, as did for this python-ce maillist, get 
rejected as said could not send executable files...

>already.  If winCE had a console, I would try running the command "python
>setup-registry", but as fas as I can tell there is no console available for
>Windows Mobile 5.  I even thought of running python and using the system
>command, but pythonCE does not have that command.  I tried doing an import
>setup-registry (after changing the name to setupregistry to make it a legal
>Python name).  I get the message "Setting up registry to allow double
>clicking of Python files to work".  Sounds promising, but I still can't run
That message means you got succesfull python working and executed the 
setup-registry.py file. This script, as you could see if you open it in 
a text editor, does some registry editing as to register python.exe, and 
obviously, uses the same path as the shortcut file, so if the shortcut 
to python.exe does not work, that one will not work ever.

Check the installation path! Your issue is pretty simple. You've got a 
python.exe but it isn't in the folder where setup-registry.py expects to!

>any Python commands by tapping them.
>How do I update the start menu link?  I never created it in the first place,
Remove it from \Windows\Start Menu\....    go to python.exe folder with 
file manager, select copy option by tapping over the file for a second, 
then get back to ...\Start Menu\  and again contextual menu and create 
shortcut -I don't know the precise names as I only have spanish WinCE 3 
devices, and no one Windows Mobile 5...

>so I am not familiar with that procedure.  I am pretty green when it comes
>to winCE (and hoping to keep it that way because most of what I have seen is
>In response to your question, yes, I have been using Python on Windows
>Mobile 5 (ARM) for many months.  It works fine.  I have also been having a
>mostly good experience with wxPython.  The version of wxPython that I found
>(the one originally created by Brian Retford) is based on an old wxPython. 
>I have had to design around some bugs or quirks, but otherwise the library
You managed to get that done, and you can't get this path trouble solved 
by yourself in minutes!!? ;-)

>works fine.  My main complaint is that they run a little slow, so I would
>not try using them on a platform that did not have a fast processor.  Robin
>Dunn is working on a new version of wxPython for winCE, but I have no
>information on its status.
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