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Alexandre Delattre alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr
Mon Nov 6 18:04:27 CET 2006

I have started a port of Venster 
<http://sourceforge.net/projects/venster> for PythonCE,
This port lacks maturity by now, but i have managed to run some test 
applications using common controls, custom dialogs and gdi graphics on 
my win mobile 5 device (Acer n311).

What is done :

    * Working versions of windows.py, wtl.py, wtl_core.py, comctl.py,
      dialog.py and gdi.py
    * I have written convenience functions for handling Software Input
      Panel, Fullscreen Dialogs and Context Menus

What does not work :

    * All modules using ctypes.comtypes (atl and html modules) .
    * Original venster test apps need to be tweaked to run correctly.
    * Common dialogs (Open, Save, Choose Font, ...).
    * I have managed to make native menus on win mobile 5, but it did
      not work on pocket pc 2003  (Dell Axim), however an empty menubar
      works on both.

I use PythonCE 2.4.3, ctypes- and the "Force Hi-Res" utility.
I have launched a project at sourceforge (vensterce) and i will upload 
my alpha version as soon as the project is accepted.
PythonCE users will be welcomed to test it, use it, modify it and make 

When the port will be more mature, it would be interesting to write a 
more "pythonic" wrapper on it, or something compatible with wxWidgets 
for portability.

Alexandre Delattre

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