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Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Tue Oct 17 23:23:24 CEST 2006

I still think that the problem is related to hard coded paths in the binary. 
While the actual name of the storage card might not be the problem, what
appears more certain is that the program can't find the necessary files -
either because of the default paths that the author uses or because the
names don't agree with what I have on my pda.

My problems don't relate to how I get my scripts over to the pda since I do
not use ActiveSync, preferring to transfer files either via wifi or
bluetooth.  It seems to me that the only common denominator is that this app
runs better from main memory and not from a storage card.  There is no way
that I can free up enough space to run this baby from main memory.  There
are other apps that I prefer to give this precious memory space to rather
than pythonce and its evil twin sister, wxPythonce.  

For wxpythonce to work from my storage card, methinks that the author will
have to change the paths so that the necessary files can be located.  I vote
for adding \Storage Card\Program Files\Python24\Lib\wx    to the mix.

This problem can only get worst, the more python distributions one has. 
Currently, I keep python 2.3.4, python2.4.2 and python 2.5 on my storage
card.  which means that there are actually three python directories, not
one.  So while his paths  might work for python 2.4.x, they won't work with
my python 2.5 or python 2.3.x installs.  Interesting enough for me,  I can't
get the python 2.3 version of wx to run with python 2.3 either.  While I can
at least type "import wx" using the 2.3 versions of both products and not
have the device blow up or produce an error, I can't run any programs
because, again, certain files can't be found.

Given all of the little show stopping gotchas that I've experienced with (a)
the tk8.4.dll blowing up my combobox control within bwidgets and now (b)
wxPythonce not even being able to run, this is enough to make me want to go
back to using microsoft's various gui builders and simply call things via

Sign... If only we could get Linux loaded on these windows mobile 5.0
designed devices, then my "how to compile proper binaries" problems would go

jeffbarish wrote:
> Jeffrey Barish wrote:
>> I suspect that the problem actually has something
>> to do with ActiveSync.  I seem to have better luck getting software to
>> run
>> when I manipulate it using Pocket Controller connected by Wifi rather
>> than
>> ActiveSync connected by USB.
> It may be sufficient to remove the PDA from its cradle when you are ready
> to
> run your program.  If you still need a connection to the host, use Wifi
> instead.
> -- 
> Jeffrey Barish
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