[PythonCE] wxPython for PythonCE announcement

Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Tue Sep 26 16:32:40 CEST 2006

I don't think that the problem has anything to do with the machine being "out
of memory".

I think the problem lies with the default paths that seemed to be hard wired
into the binary packages.  For example, the error message refers to line 4
within the _misc.py file within a directory tree that commences with \CF
Card\Program Files\Python24\lib\wx\_.misc.py   and so on.  Well I don't have
a CF Card on my pda.  

I then placed my Python24 installation along with all of the wx files within
the main storage area rather than on my mini SD card.  So now wxpythonce
should be found under \Program Files\Python24\lib\wx rather than \Storage
Card\Program Files\Python24\lib\wx.

Guess what,  even though Python launches from its new home, wxPythonce still
thinks everything is under \CF Card\Program Files\Python24\lib\wx

Apart from recompiling everything, there doesn't seem to be any way to
change this behaviour since all of the python wrappers within the binary
distribution are *.pyc files rather than *.py

My guess is that those of us who do not have a "CF Card" storage designation
on our pda's are "sol" on this release.  I would love to be able to
recompile this on my own in order to test this theory but not being a
"computer man" I have not been able to compile anything that is windoz
related.  But point me to a "make" file on a linux machine and with deep
gratitude to the maintainers of Linux related programs, I'm in my element.

If someone could walk me through it, I have a Visual Studio 2005 Standard
installation along with the windows movile 5.0 sdk package on my windoze
machine.  Perhaps we can resolve this mis behaviour.

George-64 wrote:
> jeffbarish wrote:
>> Did you ever resolve this issue?  When I installed wxPython on a first
>> PDA,
>> it worked fine right away.  However, I just installed it on a second one
>> of
>> the exact same model (Dell Axim X51v) with the exact same memory
>> complement
>> and have encountered the same problem you reported.  
> I'm also getting the same problem running on a hw6915 with running 
> Windows Mobile 5 and with about 25 megs free.
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/pythonce/2005-July/001100.html
> is about all I could find on the what's going on.
> George
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