[PythonCE] RV: Tkinter gif problem on PythonCE

Jose Ignacio Gisbert jigisbert.etra-id at grupoetra.com
Tue Dec 4 08:08:38 CET 2007

First of all, Alexandre, next time write a new mail and not answer people
question with yours, please. Second, I will write down the original
question, if anyone knows why this thing happens, it would be very helpful
for me, thanks in advance!

Hi all,

I am using PythonCE 2.5 in my PDA, and Python2.5 in my desktop pc. When I
see Tkinter buttons with gif images on my desktop, everything is seen
normally, but when I try to see the same on my pda, gif images are
completely unrecognizable. However, if I try to open any of this gif images
on my pda without PythonCE (in my case, with windows 2003SE, it opens them
with pocket internet explorer by default), I can see them perfectly!!. I
don’t understand why I can not see them well on my Tk application, if anyone
could tell me, I will be very pleased.


Thanks in advance!!


Best Regards,

José Ignacio Gisbert Sanus

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