[PythonCE] Tkinter gif problem on PythonCE

Massimo Di Pierro mdipierro at cs.depaul.edu
Sat Dec 8 01:14:19 CET 2007

Hello everybody,

I managed to run Gluon on my phone with very minor tweaks (there is  
file locking on windows ce?).  Here is a screenshot.


but only applications that do not use sqlite3 seem to work even if  
the module is there. Not sure yet if connect fails or os.path.join does

Is there any known problem with sqlite3 or os.path.join in python2.5  
for windowsce?


On Dec 3, 2007, at 3:24 PM, Alexandre Delattre wrote:

>> Hi everybody,
>> where can find downloads and instructions for installing pythonce?
> For PythonCE instructions, the wiki is your friend : http:// 
> pythonce.sourceforge.net/Wikka/HomePage
>> does it come with the thread module?
> Yes. Limitations and differences of pythonce from regular Python  
> are shown here:
> http://pythonce.sourceforge.net/Wikka/WindowsCEDifferences
>> if so, do you think I may be able to run Gluon (http://
>> mdp.cti.depaul.edu) or should I expect any major obstacle
> The django framework works well on pythonce, so I think Gluon  
> should work with no or little effort.
> Regards,
> Alexandre
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