[PythonCE] How does one build PythonCE?

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Thu Dec 13 14:47:35 CET 2007


I'm working on an PocketPC application that embeds Python. Until  
recently I used MS embedded VC++ and reused the binary distribution  
for PythonCE. That worked for the most part (although IIRC I had to  
patch header files to get my code linked).

We recently switched to MS Visual Studio 2005 and now I'm wondering  
how to build a fresh Python binary using that.  I've download the  
source patches from SF.net and applied those to the head of Python's  
release25-maint branch.  I then build using 'scons.bat' in the PCbuild/ 
WinCE directory which, after some patching, results in an executable.  
So far, so good.

That doesn't include the sqlite extension though, and when I use  
'scons.bat cab' I get an error about not finding the sqlite3 header  
files. The reason for that is obvious, the solution is less so. The  
build complains because I have to download the sqlite sources and  
store them somewhere, but I have no idea where they should be stored.  
Does anyone here know that?

BTW. Is there any documentation on the build process? I've been  
reverse engenering the build procedure and that's no fun when you're  
on an unfamiliar platform.


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