[PythonCE] Python-2.5-20071004 vs Pocket PC 2003

Christopher Fairbairn christopher at christec.co.nz
Fri Dec 21 00:19:31 CET 2007


On Fri Dec 21  3:53 , Ronald Oussoren  sent:
>De description for the  Python-2.5-20071004 download on SF says that  
>this version will run on "any Windows Mobile 2003 or higher device".   
>I'm trying to run this on device that claims to run "Microsoft Pocket  
>PC 4.20.0 (Build 14053)", and on that device the OS claims it cannot  
>run python (using a generic message about possibly missing  
>components).  The 2006 build works fine on that system.

Sorry this is possibly true. However I am currently away on holiday without much 
internet connectivity so can not completely determine this as the case.

>From memory one release I made accidentally had the requried OS version set as 
4.21 (i.e. Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition), meaning the executables wouldn't 
run on plain Windows Mobile 2003 devices.

I didn't pick this up until it was released as I don't have any 2003 powered 
devices, and the emulators for 2003 run Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

Perhaps in the new year, once I get back from holiday there may be a new release. 
I'll fix up this issue at that stage although I may need some help in testing it.

Christopher Fairbairn

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