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Ruben M. G. xrubenx.es at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 13:41:04 CET 2007

 Dear Enrico Bortolazzi,

> I read with interest your posts about bluetooth. I also started looking
> into it, but started form another point: using ctypes to call directly the
> windows mobile dlls.

        That was my last idea before start to use ceserial.py
        But I didn't feel with time enough to learn to use ctypes and the
dll so I
took another road (ceserial).

> Since I had not much time the first tries were
> unsuccessful, I will retry during the next weekend. But this process
> involve a lot of typing to convert classes and constants!
> I think also your idea of creating a dll could be interisting. Can you
> me which development tools are you using?

        Of course.

You have to install  "eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0" and then "SDK for Windows
Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs".

You need these two applications if you want to write an application on C++
Windows Mobile. Or at least is what they say on the web :P


        You could try to compile as a dll what I called "the Bluetooth stack
core for
Windows CE" and then use it with ctypes. (I have no idea how to do it).

        Have fun amico!!

 Kind regards / Cumprimentos / Atentamente, Ruben.
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