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As with any Pocket PC application (written in Python or otherwise), the X "close" button merely hides a window and does not destroy it. The Pocket PC platform is intended so that users don't need to "close" applications as such, and if you open enough other applications that the memory starts to become full, the OS will actually close (WM_CLOSE) some of the applications that were hidden in the background. If you try clicking the X button on any of the Microsoft's Pocket PC applications, e.g. Pocket Word, and then look in the task manager you will notice that it is still running.

You may be able to capture the event as WM_SHOWWINDOW.

As with any Python program on the PC, your script is not a process but is just a text file that is interpreted by the python.exe process.


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  I have a a wxPython application on the PPC 2003, Python 2.4, etc...

  I can gracefully exit on win32 from the frame close button or any button within the frame.  My trouble arises on the PPC because the frame widgets (esp. close button) seem to not be associated with wx as much as the system and don't clean up properly.  When I tap the close circle-X, the top level window goes away but the Python CE window remains.  Then if I want to delete/replace the program my request gets refused because the original file is in use.  Furthermore, if I start up the file again it will run but after loading up, the top level window is the old tlw. 

  I've been experimenting with binding close events to a pre-exit function.  I want to either kick up a message dialog to make sure the user wants to exit or just veto (event.Veto()) the frame level close button event. 

  self.top_window.Bind(wx.EVT_CLOSE, self.PreExit)

  I've also fooled around with the following at the application level,

  self.Bind(wx.EVT_QUERY_END_SESSION, self.OnExit)
  self.Bind(wx.EVT_END_SESSION , self.OnExit)

  I'm afraid the frame close button event I'm trying to handle is some sort of hybrid.

  I won't describe it here but I also have a few other issues:
  1) when the PPC goes into sleep mode bad things happen to my app 
  2) I've tried to use PocketConsole and the kill utility to find a resulting hung python program file but I don't see the file as a process.  Python.exe gets listed as a process but I'm not sure I've successfully ended it.  I assume that if I do, the hung python program will get cleaned up. 
  3) Basic PPC os questions:
  -If a python file that is being interpreted is not a process, what is it?
  -Anyone know how to clean up one of the files when it's not ended properly?

  If no one has a quick comment that breaks the dam, tomorrow I'll put together a simple example of my problem and post it for interrogation.


  Lastly, please let me know if you think this subject should be posted to a wxPython list (and which one).  Maybe a wxPythonCE list would be helpful in the near future?
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