[PythonCE] Accessing serial port with PythonCE 2.5

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Wed Jan 3 14:37:23 CET 2007

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> Hi,
> Everything is in the subject ;)
> Is there any way to access the serial port with that build of PythonCE ?
> I've not found any 'serial' module to import.
> Regards.

Well there is no "serial" module included with PythonCE, but Python on my PC 
doesn't have such a module either. I haven't done it myself on PythonCE but 
I think the best way would be to use ctypes to access the Win32 serial 
communications APIs. I have written some code to do this on the PC, so I 
have attached it.

This code is not intended to be particularly efficient because I only used 
it to write a serial protocol simulator, but hopefully it is fairly simple 
to use. Again, I haven't tried it on Windows CE but I think it should work 
with minor changes. For example, I can see that SerialPort.__init__() would 
have to be modified slightly to open e.g. "COM1:" instead of "\\.\COM1".

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