[PythonCE] Bluetooth

ricercar at infinito.it ricercar at infinito.it
Mon Jan 15 10:24:53 CET 2007

Hello, I'm new to PythonCE so apologize if the question was already 
answered (I searched through the archive withot success).
Yesterday I installed on my Dell Axim PythonCE 2.5, last version. I tryed 
to do an example using the bluetooth connection without success. Today I 
downloaded the source code but I couldn't find any bluetooth.h or file 
related to bluetooth. So my suspect is that bluetooth is not supported in 
PythonCE. Is this true? Or am I wrong (I'm not an expert in Python building)?
If somebody had success on using bluetooth and would like to share a little 
example this will be very appreciated.

Thank you very much,

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