[PythonCE] Bluetooth

Thomas Heller theller at ctypes.org
Tue Jan 30 20:58:29 CET 2007

Ruben Miguelez Garcia schrieb:
> 	Hello to all,
> 	I am new on the list. 
> 	Firstly I will share all my experiences until now.
> 	Then I am going to explain some research that I did about bluetooth 
> on "Windows CE" because that is my main problem now.
> ====== Some experiences ======
> 1- After read many mails on the list, I decided to use the server & client 
> connection programs provided on the thread "How do you develop on the 
> PocketPC?"
> 2- The first execution raise the error "ImportError: No module named ctypes". 
> Then I updated the windows version inside the PDA to 2.5 and everything fine.
> 3-On the beginning, click on the client.py only opened a Python session 
> without connect to the server. Then I discovered that with the PDA connected 
> to the laptop by USB with ActiveSync running, the wifi was not working. After 
> unplug the USB cable, wifi works fine and one click over the client.py 
> connect to the server.
> PD: Of course, I had to modify the IP inside the client.py to point to my 
> laptop.

I'm afraid I cannot help with the bluetooth stuff,  but I have worked somewhat
on the server&client connection program.

A much improved version is available here:


The console.py script is thought to be run on the workstation.  Editing
the client.py script (which is transferred automatically to the PDA) is no
longer needed.

console.py accepts some command line options which can also be used for
Python itself:  -m 'package', -c 'Python commands',  other options are
accepted but don't do anything: -i, -u.


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