[PythonCE] Very Newbee question on using Python CE

Luca thot at comcast.net
Mon Jul 16 04:37:47 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

I am new to Python and I just installed Python 2.2+ on my Dell Axim X5 from
here:  http://www.murkworks.com/Research/Python/PocketPCPython/Overview

I get a nice interactive window but I don't seem to be able to go any
How do I call the IDLE to write a program?
Or more generically, where do I write a program for Python CE?. 
The installation comes with a number of .py files (examples?), how do I run
Where do I find a tutorial / documentation on the above steps and on the
specifics of the PPC Python implementation?
Is there a more recent/friendlier version of Python CE for the Dell Axim
(Intel XScale)?

I realize these questions may appear quite silly to most experienced users
but I am really quite stuck.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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