[PythonCE] PyCrypto binaries

alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr
Thu Jul 26 16:39:29 CEST 2007

Hi Marc,
You're a lucky one, I have built binaries of PyCrypto for PythonCE 2.4  
and 2.5 just a week ago ! A public download will be soon up on  
http://www.voidspace.org.uk/ thanks to Fuzzyman that already host  
binaries for desktop windows. Since I'm on vacation, I only have my  
local release for 2.5 at hand. So wait for the public link or mail me  
if you're interested in the 2.5 version.

@Luke Dunstan
Thank you for adapting the scons build environment to the wince  
platform, it makes compiling python extension much easier and more  
maintanable than the project oriented view of the embedded tools  
(especially for packages that contains many C extensions and would  
need as many projects as extensions).
It is also easier to switch python 2.4/2.5 includes and libs for the  
whole script. If you don't mind I will write an article on the wiki on  
how I build extensions with scons.

I have also built binaries for numpy 1.0, unfortunately I havn't been  
able to compile the random facilities but everything else seems to  
work fine (core, fft and linalg), for now no public release but you  
can mail me and i'll send you the files.

Have a nice summer,

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