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On 28/07/2007, at 5:05 AM, alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr wrote:

> However, by experience, don't expect to be able to
> run wx+pycrypto+numpy+whatever c extension at the same time unless you
> have a very recent WM 6.0 device (it's a known problem of lack of
> virtual adressing space for dlls, that has been expanded from 32 MB to
> 1 GB in WM 6.0 kernel).

Be very careful here.

Windows Mobile 6 devices still have the same 32MB process limit, as  
Windows Mobile 5.0 (or earlier) devices had.

The expanded addressing space is a feature of the Windows Embedded CE  
6.0 kernel. But Windows Mobile 6 devices are still using a Windows CE  
5.0 based OS kernel (v5.02 to be precise, compared to v5.01 which was  
used for Windows Mobile 5.0). Some features have been back ported  
into WinCE 5.02 from WinCE 6.0, but most of the major architectural  
differences still stand.

You will have to wait until Windows Mobile 7 (or whatever the next  
version is marketed as) for the Windows CE 6.0 kernel features to  
become available within Windows Mobile devices.

For a more complete explination see the blog posting titled "Is  
Windows Mobile 6 powered by Windows Embedded CE 6.0?" on my blog at  

Hope it helps,
Christopher Fairbairn
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